Regional Property Management and Agency Relations

The responsiblities of the Regional Property Management & Agency Relations team are to manage the properties and maintain a good relationship with the Government Agencies who govern the properties.

Complex Regional Property Management
Amstutz Wendell Martin
Bayside Kimara Cisneros
Buffalo Grass Wendell Martin
Burrell Street Station Denee Romero
Carriage Court Jamie Witham
Casa Loma Triangle Mac McComb
College Park Denee Romero
Colorado Gardens Denee Romero
Crestview Court Kimara Cisneros
Eloy Village Mac McComb
Emerald Housing Wendell Martin
Forest Hills Manor Jamie Witham
Franklin Grove Melody Paxton
Garden Grove Kimara Cisneros
Grande Woods Kimara Cisneros
Hailey Place Kimara Cisneros
High Valley Estates Jamie Witham
Huachuca Triangle Mac McComb
Indiana Manor Melody Paxton
Kearny Manor Mac McComb
Kimberly Sunset Denee Romero
Lake Empire Jamie Witham
Leisure Village VI Denee Romero
Lithia Place Kimara Cisneros
Lovelock Garden Denee Romero
Meadowbrook II Jamie Witham
Mill Creek Denee Romero
Mountain View Jamie Witham
Ochoco Manor Jamie Witham
Park Avenue Jamie Witham
Payette Plaza Jamie Witham
Pendleton Square I Kimara Cisneros
Pendleton Square II Kimara Cisneros
Pioneer Square Melody Paxton
Richlin Townhouses Denee Romero
Ridgeway Jamie Witham
Riverside I Jamie Witham
Riverside II Jamie Witham
Rosewood Terrace Jamie Witham
San Jose Triangle Mac McComb
Seacrest Jamie Witham
Shadow Mountain Melody Paxton
Sierra Vista Jamie Witham
Sky Vista Kimara Cisneros
Stevens Place Kimara Cisneros
Sunland Park Kimara Cisneros
Sunnyridge Village Melody Paxton
Sweet Grass Wendell Martin
The Pines Kimara Cisneros
The Surrey Wendell Martin
Trailwinds Apartments Denee Romero
Transitional Living Center Denee Romero
Treehouse Melody Paxton
Valley Vista Village Denee Romero
West Devil's Lake Kimara Cisneros
Windwood Denee Romero
Wylie Street Station Melody Paxton

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