Organizational Structure


Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp. is governed by an uncompensated five-member outside Board of Directors. The Board provides the company with a broader perspective for strategic planning, monitors the company's adherence to its mission of affordable housing preservation and its status as a tax-exempt organization. The Board reviews and authorizes banking and other relationships, property acquisitions and dispositions, business partnerships, formation of legal entities, financing resolutions, compensation, financial and community involvement and long-term objectives including corporate direction, funding and strategy. The Board is advised by outside bond counsel, Hawley

Troxell Ennis and Hawley and outside auditor's Novogradac & Company and Leavitt Christensen & Company.

The Board of Directors is active in governance of the corporation throughout the year, as required for financing resolutions and various authorizations required by managements's activities. Its governance activities are memorialized during the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, historically held in Boise, Idaho.

NWRECC's corporate officers are Brad A. Elg, President, and Noel Gill, Executive Vice President, who are responsible for the corporation's strategic planning. These

corporate officers, supervise key management personnel, establish and foster strong business partner relationships, establish company policies and practices, maintain the overall financial health, operational stability, and effectiveness of the corporation.

Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp. is organized into three main service areas:

  1. Corporate and Administrative Services
  2. Corporate Development Group
  3. Operations and Compliance Management Group